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West Ocean Two Decides To Throw Another Auction

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It was back in August 2008 that there was that big 39-condo auction for West Ocean Two, a 114-unit new tower off Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach. And now we've got round two, people! A flyer was just released announcing that they are auctioning off 39 units. But here's the difference: Lower minimum bids. In August, the minimum bid on a 834-square-foot unit that was previously listed at $534,000 was $275,000. At the April auction, the minimum bid will be $195,000. Check out the price comparison from the two fliers after the jump. Meanwhile, the developer reported that 33 of the 39 condos sold at that first auction, but the number didn't indicate how many had closed.

­ Long Beach's West Ocean Two Auctioning Off 39 Condos [Curbed LA]