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EaterTastings: Downtown's Bottego Louie Close to Opening, Meltdown Shutters, Street Taking Reservations

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The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog...

DOWNTOWN: On the heels of news that the Brockman building is close to filing for bankruptcy, comes this bit of info: Bottega Louie, the restaurant/cafe/deli in the ground floor, is about to open. The Dean and DeLuca-like gourmet shop will feature a Wi-fi cafe, full bar, 185-seat restaurant, and will change its offerings based on time of day. How will the possible bankruptcy affect Bottega? Who knows.

CULVER CITY: Oh no! Is nothing immune to this economy? The latest victim to shutter: grilled cheese restaurant Meltdown. Wait - people didn't want to spend $15 on two slices of bread and melted cheese? The end is truly nigh.

HOLLYWOOD: At long last, Susan Feniger's homage to street food, the aptly named Street, is running mock service this weekend, with reservations open to the public starting this Monday. Eater sneaks a peek at the menu.