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Universal Lofts Soldiers On, Brings In Hummers

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Recently we paid a visit to Universal Lofts, that 67-unit condo turned rental development straddled between the 101 and Cahuenga Boulevard. No, we haven't forgotten you, Universal, you strange cinderblock duck, you. The project is still renting away, the balloons and fliers out every weekend. The official word from the developer is that this project is 50 percent rented out, but sadly, no units ever sold. As far as prices, the units, sized at a roomy 4,250 square feet and up, are renting for between $4,200-$5,500. If you can afford those rents, likely you have a nice car, and indeed, we spotted a number of very expensive cars in the spaces. Meanwhile, here are a couple of interiors shots. The finishes and layouts are pretty decent for a rental, but the wall to wall cinderblock remains a puzzler.
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