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Sweet: John Lautner's Garcia House Getting A Pool

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Sending in the following photos, reader Cameron Johnson (also a real estate photographer) writes that he was was driving past the Garcia House, that architect John Lautner-designed home on Mulholland Drive, and spotted construction work on what looks to be a pool, as well as some sort of structure off the pool: He writes "...Signage/permits say the addition is being designed/built by Marmol-Radziner, and a quick review of Propertyshark revealed that this pool was added to the plans when they completed their initial remodel. I overheard the contractors mentioning a electrical work and a "refrigerator" going into the space underneath what appears to be the pool..." Interesting! indeed, PropertyShark does show a permit for pool work. As detailed by a October 2008 Los Angeles Times magazine story, the home on Mulholland Drive is owned by Bill Damaschke, an executive from DreamWorks, and his partner John McIlwee, an entertainment business manager. Marmol Radziner have been involved in the restoration for some time now. You can officially be jealous of the owners of this house
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