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Afternoon Thinkage: No One Walks In LA - Except to Trader Joe's

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Is Trader Joe's the one retailer that will get Angelenos out of their cars and actually walking? With two relatively new Trader Joe's now open in Westwood (with restored pedestrian crosswalks) and West Hollywood(ish), we've noticed an marked uptick in the number of pedestrians actually out on the streets, clearly identified as Trader Joe's customers by their grocery bags. Yes, we're even keeping an eye out for the reusable ones. With just about every Trader Joe's offering some version of hellacious parking (even in the Valley), it's easy to understand why customers prefer to hoof it rather than deal with the stress. Ancedotally, we've spoke to several neighborhood residents who are walking to buy groceries for the first time ever (Note there is a Bristol Farms just two blocks from the 8000 Sunset Trader Joe's). Is there hope for pedestrian life in LA after all? Does it just require proximity to Two-Buck Chuck? [Photo via For [Curbed Staff]