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Culver City Prevails in Ice Cube Battle

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The Entrada, a proposed Culver City office building, and a project that was famously called a "giant, melting ice cube" by local opponents was cleared by the Culver City Council last year, but in May 2008, a group of homeowners sued. Flashback: Here's how a 2008 Argonaut story described the suit: "Gina Koshak, a Westchester Bluffs homeowner and a member of United Neighbors of the Westside, the group that filed the lawsuit, took issue with the project's height and what she believes are violations of the California Environmental Quality Act. 'The environmental process failed to address the impact of this huge project and the project height of almost 200 feet ignores the clear will of the voters who passed Measure One,' said Koshak, a landscape architect. Measure One is a 1990 Culver City initiative that established the height limit in the city at 56 feet." Well, there's a decision in the case. Heather Baker, associate city attorney for Culver City, tells us that yesterday LA Superior Court Judge Thomas I. McKnew, Jr. sided with Culver City, ruling the city's EIR was adequate and that the project could go forward.