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NYT Goes Light on W Hollywood

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It reads less like an article and more like a press release, but a story in today's New York Times looks at the new W Hotel/condos in Hollywood, taking the angle that the hotel's design will help it steal press junkets away from competitors in Beverly Hills. "The hotel tower’s second story, which is part of the junket complex, has an open courtyard, for use if the hotel needs extra space for a large party. For a screening room, another attraction aimed at junketeers, the W is building an open-air movie theater in the same courtyard. Like several recent buildings in Hollywood, the front facade of the W Hotel integrates billboards, one horizontal and one vertical, as architectural elements. “Signage is a key element of many historic buildings in Hollywood, and we thought it was important to identify ourselves with that,” [Edward Abeyta, principal of architecture firm HKS] said." And nope, the Times doesn't get any more in depth than that about the great sign district debate. [New York Times]