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Gehry on the Unrealized

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Less than 24 hours after the Architects Newspaper published a Q and A with a very candid Frank Gehry--in which Gehry says he doubts the contentious Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn will happen--the developer has released a statement insisting the project is going to happen, and the Daily News published this headline: "Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn is dead, says its architect Frank Gehry." Here's the exact quote, and there's mention of downtown's Grand Avenue project, too: "Q: Which other unrealized commissions do you most wish had been built? The Corcoran Gallery in DC, the Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn—I don’t think it’s going to happen. There are projects underway that are being threatened, and may not be completed. That would be devastating to me. Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles is also on hold...." This interview follows last year's incident in which Gehry publicly stated that Grand Ave developer Related was in denial. [AN]