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Ask Curbed: Waiting for the Big One

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A Curbed family member forwards the following curious question: "I have a morbid question for the Curbed community. Having lived in LA for five years, I have managed not to get in any car accidents with the exception of once denting (very minor dent) a rental car I was using (own car was in the shop). This has me a little skittish as I listen to my friends talk about getting hit or hitting other people and now I am sort of waiting for the big one. And if you are interested to know, my biggest fear in a crash is that I will lose teeth in an accident. SO my question: What's the math here. How many accidents does the typical Angeleno get in during his time here, you think? Factoring in that the Angeleno is a decent driver. Could the Curbed readers weigh in on their experiences with car accidents (fender/benders, bigger stuff) and say how many they have had in the time they have lived here?"