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Fighting Westfield in Century City

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Not only was a Planning & Land Use Committee hearing for the La Brea Gateway project postponed, but a hearing for that big Westfield Century City shopping center/housing project has also been postponed, according to the Los Angeles Times' Martha Groves. According to the Planning & Land Use Committee's schedule, there are two groups that were scheduled to appear today in order to appeal the City Planning Commission approval of the project: The Westwood South of Santa Monica Association and the Beverly Wood Homes Association. More about why they are fighting via the LA Times: "'The project "puts too much of a strain on our infrastructure,'" said Mike Eveloff, one of the challengers. Meanwhile, Eveloff said, funds paid by Westfield and other developers to help schools affected by their projects 'end up going into the maw that is LAUSD,' rather than easing the effects at specific schools." Maw! Nice. Meanwhile, more about the project itself: It'd consist of a residential tower, 358,881 square feet of retail space, and 106,523 square feet of new office space. As part of the project, Westfield wants to tear down 1801 Avenue of the Stars, a Welton Becket-designed tower. UPDATED [LA Times]