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That's Rather Hideous/Awesome: Backyard Saloon In Culver City

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It seems oddly appropriate that this saloon sits in Culver City, home to so many movie productions during Hollywood's Golden Age. But rather than finding this on the Sony back lot, a reader informs us it sits in someone's backyard. And that's not all -- the house also includes some kind of menagerie: "I went to an open house at 4164 Motor in Culver City that I just had to share in case nobody else has yet. From the Redfin description you would never know what lies in the backyard. Attached is a picture I took with my phone -- there is a full SALOON built behind the garage, with a full working bar behind the swinging doors. There was also some kind of animal enclosure in the back surrounding a tree. No wonder they are asking $780,000 for a two-bedroom two-bath house in Culver City that needs serious updating (there's a 'that's rather hideous' wood paneled room that I really have no idea what it was supposed to be, for example). Enjoy!" Please, please tell us they serve moonshine in there.
· 4164 Motor Ave Culver City, CA 90232 [Redfin]