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RumorWire: More Condos Destined for Fairfax?

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This is far from confirmed, since the city's Dept of Planning web site doesn't reveal any information on it, but rumor has it that the former Eat-a-Pita space on Fairfax and Rosewood (the falafel purveyor is now torn down) is destined for mixed-use condos. Food blog All Kinds of Yum cites a local fellow named Dave as saying residences/retail are a'comin.' Blackburn and Sweetzer picked up the All Kinds of Yum item, where commenter Miss Theresa has this to report: "There was a sign up a year ago that said residential was going in by right. I think they might have shops on the bottom." Hmm—a year ago things were much different. We'll try to remain positive, even with the fact that this south-of-Melrose stretch of Fairfax may soon face a condo glut with the under-construction 801 N. Fairfax and Cherokee Lofts projects just up the street.