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Cheapest Car in the World

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It's about the size of a tater tot and it has a name that evokes one: Meet the Tata Nano, a $2,000 car that measures nine feet long and five feet wide. Produced by an Indian company, it won't be available in North America for three years, reports Wired, there's already a waiting list in India. But environmentalists "don't think the Nano is a good idea. The last thing we need, they say, is more cars. It'd be easy to dismiss such concerns if they came from Western do-gooders, but many inside India question the wisdom of expanding the country's automotive fleet," reports Wired. On the other hand, public transportation is limited in India, and the cars are less polluting than the scooters, the current popular mode of transportation. Angelenos might think it's cute--until they realize the car has no air conditioning. And some more facts via US News & World Report. [Wired]