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CurbedWire: Weedtastic in Hancock Park, Free Beer Downtown

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HANCOCK PARK: Reader Will Campbell sends in the following image, writing: "Talk about curb appeal!...I snapped this weedtastic residence for sale on the corner of 4th and Sycamore in the Hancock Park area and was surprised to find it listed for $1.1 million on (link below; featuring a far more tamed and hospitable yard). It's been on the market since December, which is probably the last time a weedwhacker was taken to the place Another month or so of unchecked growth and the Re/Max sign might be out of sight." The listing is here. [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: Via the Inbox, news of another competition. "AIA Interior Architecture Committee is hosting its 17th annual 1:2 Student Design Competition this Saturday at the offices of Perkins & Will downtown... The final judging is a great event that is open to the public with a wine/beer reception. The 1:2 competition is an annual event hosted by the AIA where 12 local design schools (sciarc, UCLA, Woodbury, etc.) are invited to send a 2 person team to compete in this 1 day design charette. The winning team is awarded a $10,000 scholarship, as well as the amazing honor of being recognized by the local design community." More information about the event, which takes place on Saturday at Perkins + Will's 7th Street office, can be found here. Good luck, teams. [Curbed Inbox]