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Koreatown's Oriental Mission Church Hit With Protests

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The web site for the Coalition for Economic Survival, an advocacy group for low-income people, is reporting that a group of local residents descended last Thursday on Koreatown's Oriental Mission Church to protest the church's recent demolishing of a nearby church-owned, rent-controlled apartment building in the area, as well as the potential destruction of another church-owned building that houses two elderly, disabled people. The protesters—comprised of members of the Koreatown Immigrant Workers Association and wearing t-shirts that spelled out "SAVE OUR HOMES"— are angry over the eviction of 38 families by the church, which the group says demolished the Oxford Avenue-building to make way for a parking lot (the other threatened building with the two senior residents is also on Oxford). According to the Coalition for Economic Survival, the church owns other buildings in the area, and intends to demolish those as well. Meanwhile, it sounds like other groups are involved, too. "Keep the pressure on Oriental Mission Church to protect affordable housing (instead of building a parking lot)," reads an online petition being circulated by the Koreatown Immigrant Workers Association. [Photos via CES]

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