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CurbedWire: Eagle Rock Sale, Texas Girls With Nice Sidewalk

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EAGLE ROCK: A reader who seems to want to show us there is life yet in the real estate market (hey, we're not arguing that, and lookee the stock market today), forwards this listing at 5162 Windermere Ave in Eagle Rock. "Nice little eagle rock house sold in 12 days ($400/sf)." Terrific. [Redfin]

HOLLYWOOOD: We like these spunky girls! They make us want to be Texas girls, too. They are looking for a roomate for their 3 bedroom at Sweetzer Apartments on 107 Sweetzer Avenue. "We are Texas girls and we are looking for another fun girl roommate. We do not do drugs and we do not want a roommate that does any kind of drugs or smokes. We have a nice sidewalk outside our apartment that they can smoke on. We are professional girls during the week but we like to have fun on the weekends!" Good luck, Texas girls. [Craigslist]