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Museum of Tolerance May Be Reined In

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Neighbors who have been fighting the proposed Museum of Tolerance expansion got a bit of a good news yesterday, according to the LA Times. Via the paper: "In a report prepared for the March 26 city Planning Commission meeting, Jim Tokunaga advised that the panel reject the museum's request that it be allowed to dramatically extend its exhibition hours and to lease reception and banquet space that could accommodate hundreds of guests until as late as midnight six days a week." These are just recommendations, of course. It was in fall 2007 that expansion plans for the museum, located at 9786 West Pico Blvd, were announced, a move that would add among other things, a cultural center and cafe, and allow for extended operating hours. Some neighbors, who have been extremely un-tolerant about the project, complained the expansion will lessen the quality of life in their neighborhood. [LA Times]