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Downtown's Bristol Hotel Sold

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Local development company Pacific Investment Group has purchased the Bristol Hotel, that dilapidated hotel at 423 W. 8th (right next to the Golden Gopher), and intends to turn the structure into affordable housing, according to Blogdowntown. The seven-story structure was previously owned by deveoper Adolfo Suayal, who tossed out the low-income residents to make way for a $3.5 million hotel, nightclub, and restaurant. Suaya was sued for illegal eviction and later paid back the former tenants, but the Community Redevelopment Agency sued Suaya too, saying the owner before Suaya had agreed the Bristol wouldn't be converted to any other use until July 2015. While the sale has closed, according to Blogdowntown, there's no exact date for this latest renovation to start. [Blogdowntown]