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Beachy Playa Del Rey Nervous About Proposed Changes

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Looking at tensions between residents of Playa del Rey and developers, the LA Times reports that at least two local companies--- DS Ventures, which wants to put up 13 rental units on a parcel between Balloona Creek and Del Rey Lagoon, and EMC Development LLC, which is considering 28 single-family homes near Convoy Street--have designs on the neighborhood. While Playa del Rey may need a face lift (the stores are worndown looking, while there isn't even a drug store in the area), residents complain they are already "hemmed in--by the huge Playa Vista development to the east, high=rise-dotted Marina Del Rey to the north and the commercial zone around the Los Angeles International Airport to the south," according to the paper. Via the Times, here's one neighbor's view of all the proposed development:

[Photo by Grockjohn]

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