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No Shuttle, Says Dodgers' McCourt

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At a press conference yesterday regarding forthcoming additions to Dodgers Stadium, team owner Frank McCourt made it chear he would not dish out a dime to continue the nascent Dodgers bus system, kicking it back to cash-strapped LA. "The trolley has been a fantastic success," McCourt said. "But it's a few buses. We need robust, muscular public transit for Dodger Stadium to be a vibrant place. But that applies to the whole city, doesn't it?" Hmm. Streetsblog reports that a recent law makes it more difficult for teams to fund transit, but some franchises have certainly made more of an effort than the Dodgers—McCourt has not made any overtures for trolley sponsors, which means the shuttle, barring any last minute saviors, is dead. With cars paying $15 to park, maybe McCourt can justify the 400-odd vehicles he'll be dumping onto Sunset Boulevard? [Streetsblog]