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Soho Square Part of Sawtelle Blvd's Building Boom

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There's an interesting mini- building boom going around the Sawtelle Boulevard region in West LA right: In addition to recently completed The Exposition at 11330 Exposition Blvd, the forthcoming T-Lofts at 11500 Tennessee Ave, this is Soho Square at 1700 Sawtelle, a development that'll offer 22-live/work units and 72-two bedroom units. "We don't know if they'll be rentals or condominiums right now," says Peter Wilson, of Wellesley Manor, a developer who has put up around 40 developments around West LA. The project was planned as condos and if they stay as such, these will start at $450,000, and if they're rentals, they'll start in the $2,000s. While not much to look at right now, given its construction state-and the gray day--the development was designed by local architect Warren Techentin.

In addition to this project, there's a handful of others, including a big commercial project going up on the corner of Mississippi and Sawtelle (picture here), and a mystery residential project down the street on Ohio (pictures here).

Additionally, there's this project, what looks to be a multi-unit housing development in the 1800 block of Purdue.

And we caught up with Jil Blumberg Froman, marketing and sales director at Lee Homes (which is building T-Lofts). What's appealing about this area, Jil!? Because sometimes being that close to the 405 can make one feel grimey. Sell us all on it! Here's what she wrote back: "Buyers will find the location very appealing--in walking distance to cool restaurants, workout gyms, the Sawtelle corridor with all of the trendy noodle restaurants; Ralphs, the neighborhood market; soon-to-be Trader Joe’s on Olympic; Whole Foods on National Boulevard; Century City, Westwood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica; close proximity to the 405 and 10 Freeways for direct access anywhere; in walking distance and close proximity to places of worships, banks, car washes."
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