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Practicing Non-Attachment

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Nothing like a cheery and sunny Friday afternoon to talk cemeteries, but given the recent news about Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary on West Centinela Avenue expanding, here's "New Urbanism" proponent James Howard Kunstler, talking about cemeteries, now "an afterthought at best, and a non-thought more usually when it comes to anything in post 1950 planning." Via Whistling Past the Graveyard: Where, in your travels, have you seen the best recognition (for lack of a better word) of cemeteries and their role in an urban-scape? "In many parts of the eastern USA where cemeteries were established in relation to churches, and where they were part of that mid-19th Century park movement. A very high proportion of people are cremated these days -- I suppose because they haven't lived in a given place long enough to have allegiance to it, or the place is not worthy of allegiance, or because it's less expensive for surviving family members." [Whistling Past the Graveyard via Planetizen]