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CurbedWire: Great Beverly Hills Construction Race Update

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BEVERLY HILLS: Some updated photos of the great Beverly Hills construction race. The real action of the construction can't be seen from Sunset, but can be viewed by hanging around the alley behind the houses. For those just catching up, you've got 9577 Sunset (on the left), a residence currently being constructed by C. Frederick Wehba Sr., founder of real estate company Bentley Forbes Group. The Biglin Group, a local architecture firm, is behind that home, a 32,000-square-foot mansion estimated to cost $40 million. Pillar work will cost ya. The other residence (on the right) is also on Sunset, but has the address of 901 Alpine (a side street). No word on who is doing that house, but the architect is Frank Valentino's Park Lane Design Group, a firm that looks like they're also doing a home directly across the street on Alpine. In the gallery, the 9577 Sunset home kicks off first. [Curbed Staff]