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Tidy Round-Up of Your Billboard Complaints

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1. Who do you call? A reader writes: "Here's a question that needs to be answered, if I see the jerk-offs from Skytag putting up one of their illegal-wrinkly-illegal-bootleg-illegal-Lady--Illegal-Liberty posters, who in gods name do you call at the City of LA to catch them in the act? Wednesday morning, these nitwits had coned-off the eastbound right lane of Melrose in order to slap up their definition of Bad Art on the Raleigh Studios--given that the extent of their equipment was a Dodge pickup, a man lift, and a half-dozen cones, they basically weren't even trying to make this look like a legit street closure. In a moment of pique, I decided to try and be a good citizen and call and narc on these mother f***ers. After 10 minutes of explaining the sign-code to a 311 operator, I was patched into the LAPD system to even less avail--clearly, based on the facts on the Raleigh Studios wall--the po-po didn't make it there in time. My question to you is, who should we call--because right now, bomb-threats or the threat of furloughs seem to be the only way to get someone at the city to show up in time...

2. Why the PSAs? Another reader: "I was at the intersection of Venice and Sawtelle about an hour ago, waiting for a minute or so to turn left onto Venice. During this time, the Clear Channel video billboard at the intersection's northeast corner cycled through about 10 ads. Every single one was a public service announcement of some sort--MADD, Ad Council, FBI Most Wanted, etc. Question: why doesn't Clear Channel just turn the damn thing off instead of showing nothing but PSAs?"

3. When do the news ones stop coming? "Hi! I am seeing a lot more new electronic billboards..I think there are TWO new ones now on Olypmic, I thought they couldn't put them up because there was the moratorium. Thanks."
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