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Betting on Bedrooms Near Subways

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As developers jockey for position and figure out how to make money in this market, the chants of transit-orientated development continue, reports Globe St. And everyone is writing off the suburbs. At yesterday's Urban Land Institute’s conference, “At The Crossroads: Transportation and Development," held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Christopher B. Leinberger, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, speculated that after the market bottoms out, “the vast majority of building permits?will probably be in urban environments and transit-oriented development...Add to that formula increasing energy costs and “boredom with drivable suburbanism,” Leinberger said, “and it all equals tremendous pent up demand.'" According to Globe St, the panelists also tried to come up with an answer to what'll follow the condo boom. Their answer: The rental boom. [Globe St]