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Hollywood Hills Story-Book Home Headed to Court

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A reader points out that the 1927 cottage on Tuxedo Terrace designed for miniature Shetland ponies is headed to probate court on March 25th. But more interesting than the probate sale is the history behind the house. The builder of the home is a man named Fred A. Hanson, who not only built many structures at Forest Lawn, but is known for the story-book houses that he designed in the tract below the Oaks and above the Hollywood Oasis in the 1920s. Describing the building process, real estate agent Holly Purcell explains, "You would go to the sales office and pick out your home." Above is one of the original sales maps. This home here belonged to Hanson and his wife (his wife recently passed away). The two-bedroom, one bath (1,016 sf) will head to court priced at $588,500.
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