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Proposed Sign Ordinance, Take Three

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After two revisions to an earlier proposal, the City Planning Commission will consider the latest sign ordinance this morning.Among other things, the new proposal essentially bans all supergraphics, allows the creation of sign districts, and retains the moratorium on digital billboards. Here's a round-up of reactions to the latest proposal:
----Quack, Quacks! Jane User, former LA City Planning Head: Urges Planning Commission to reject proposed sign ordinance. Notably, she questions why those 7 sign districts are being grandfathered in. Via Ron Kaye, here's her statement. "The seven pending Sign District applications, if granted, will be life altering for the City, in the same way as are the 840 approved digital billboards." And excerpt of her oral statement that she has said that she will read today: "Planning Commissioners, you are in desperate need of a second medical opinion. One that focuses on the things that are actually making us sick. It is time for the political quacks who have brought us to this unfortunate day to step aside and let real doctors, real planners, in."
----Dennis Hathaway, Committee to Ban Billboard Blight: Like Usher, worried about the sign districts. "The bad news-or not-so-good news, depending upon your point of view-is that off-site signs and digital signs could still be allowed in “Sign Districts” that meet certain criteria, and those supergraphics could still appear on blank walls under certain conditions. The ordinance also creates a potential loophole in the form of “Comprehensive Sign Programs” that could result in larger and more intrusive signage, and in a worst-case scenario even off-site signage, in large commercial projects." If you want to listen in to the meeting, you can listen in online or call these numbers: (213) 621-2489 or (818) 904-9450.
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