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Swine and Swing

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Yesterday, KCRW's design and architecture radio show looked at what the heck all those architects are doing with their downtime. Sam Lubell of the Architect's Newspaper weighs in, noting that some architects are being encouraged to travel ie do a bit of continuing education (not that their firms are paying for the airline tickets), and enter competitions. "And for smaller firms," says Lubell, "It's interior projects, renovations, historic preservation, green building...and there are tax credits., grants..." Additionally, the show sees five architects call in, talking about what they've been up to since they laid off. Although none of the five sound entirely thrilled, there's some hopeful talk of community efforts (timely given President's Obama's volunteer-boosting legislation). Says one caller: "We started re-thinking of how we are going to survive and re-create ourselves and the result was through collaborating, networking and community." And Silver Lake architect Barbara Bestor, who still is working, but laid off three people from her firm, is keeping busy with making sort of insane-sounding Dante-inspired Griffith Park structure. Also, she's roasting pigs in parking lots and doing some cathartic dancing. It's gonna be all right, people! [DNA]