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Blame Sophistication, Overevolution

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A review of the new urban planning/sociological-centric "You Are Here: Why We Can Find Our Way to the Moon but Get Lost in the Mall" by Colin Ellard, coming later this year. Publisher's Weekly says: "This delightful, dense and illuminating book by Ellard, an experimental psychologist, explores how we navigate space and hone our sense of direction, despite being paradoxically spatially primitive and overly evolved. All animals, monocellular and multicellular alike, find their way to their basic needs—heat, light and nourishment—but while ants, for example, don't get lost and amoebas are guided by an “internal toolkit,” most human beings face unique difficulties. Unlike the Inuit, who have a superb sense of direction, most people find that the more sophisticated their environments, the weaker their grasp of space and direction." Even more via Harpers Collins's site.[Publisher Weekly]