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They're Calling for Gehry

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Curbed SF reports on a battle brewing in a magical place called Elk Grove: Some local politicians want to give architect Zaha Hadid the boot in favor of Frank Gehry (even though he didn't enter the competition) for the design of their Civic Center. More via the Elk Grove Citizen: "Elk Grove resident Deborah Sacker adamantly wants the city to fire the world renowned British architecture firm that was hired to design Elk Grove’s future civic center. Sacker’s wish has divided the Elk Grove City Council, which has the power to terminate the contract with London-based Zaha Hadid Architects...Sacker told the council that she has a more qualified architecture firm in mind, Los Angles-based Gehry Partners, LLP." The headline from Building magazine: "Hadid and Gehry in small town ruckus" [Curbed SF]