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Prefab from Seattle: Meet PLACE Homes

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Continuing with our prefab obsession, we turn to blogger Jetson Green picks up on a Metropolitan Home article about PLACE Houses, a prefab company out of Seattle. The magazine interviews a couple who picked out a 2,800-square-foot PLACE house (seen above). From the story: "Unlike modular homes, which are built in a factory and dropped into place, the PLACE house was erected on-site using SIPs (structural insulated panels). SIPs are sandwiches of oriented strand board and foam that go up more quickly than stick-built walls and are better insulated. Interior components were built in a factory, minimizing waste and site disturbance." Chelsea Gorkiewicz, designer at PLACE, tells us the home that appeared in Metropolitan Home is the company's first home (the frist from the prefab arm of the architecture firm, that is), but another home is on the boards. She says pricing for homes in the Puget Sound area runs from $200-$250 a square foot, which includes completely finished home and landscaping.
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