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CurbedWire: Lincoln Place Fences Down in Venice

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VENICE: Some happy news aesthetic-wise regarding the Lincoln Place Apartments: The ugly fencing, likely put up to ward off break-ins and shenigans, is down (it's been at least three weeks if not more since it's down). Last we heard, the tenants won their lawsuit challenging the legality of the mass evictions and damages were being discussed, so we're not sure of the latest. Picture-wise: The last shot has a fence, but that's a different part of the whole area. You can see how the fence used to look here. A rep for City Councilman Bill Rosendahl's office emails: "Yes. the gates and fences were allowed to be removed. The Board of Building and Safety Commissioners (BBSC) approved alternative methods for securing the property which included 24 hour security. LADBS Code Enforcement Bureau inspection staff has been monitoring the property and reports that they are complying with the BBSC requirements." We'd heard some Venetians grumbling how the fence made the area look like a prison. Let's hope those people can return home soon. [Curbed Staff]

Lincoln Place

1077 Elkgrove Ave., Los Angeles, CA