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New To Market: Gregory Ain-Designed Avenel Cooperative Housing Unit

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Do you long for the days when the word "communist" wasn't just a right-wing riposte against Obama? Are you also a fan of midcentury architecture? Then this might be your dream home. Built in 1947 by architect Gregory Ain, the Avenel Cooperative Housing Project was an experiment in cooperative living "for a group of communists" (so says Wikipedia). It may also have been built for a "group of motion picture cartoonists and their families." We knew Elmer Fudd was corrupting the youth! A 2002 LA Times article on the project notes the project was developed by ten couples who each contributed $11,000 towards the "model for effective use of limited space for low-cost urban housing." The corner unit for sale has a flexible interior with sliding partition walls that can be configured as a one-, two-, or three-bedroom home. Last sold in November 1994 for $110,000, today's asking price is $695,000 or (a rather hefty) $701 per square foot.
· 2849 Avenel St Los Angeles CA 90039 [Deasy/Penner]
· 2849 Avenel St Los Angeles, CA 90039 [Redfin]· A living legacy endures [LA Times]