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Caruso May Be Playing the Ponies

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The Pasadena News-Press first published rumblings that developer Rick Caruso might be interested in buying the financially trouble Santa Anita racetrack (of course Caruso plans to build shops near the racetrack), and now comes word via the Los Angeles Business Journal that Caruso is indeed interested...sorta.Via the paper: "Caruso told the Business Journal that he would prefer that a horse-racing operator buy the Arcadia track, but he might step in to protect his $500 million shopping mall planned for the track’s vast parking lot. “My preference would be to just do the development, because we’re in the development business, not the horse-racing business,” said Caruso of Caruso Affiliated Holdings LLC. “(However), we’re taking a look at the numbers. If the deal looks right, we might do it ourselves.” [LABJ]