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Stalking and Shooting the Annenberg Center for Photography

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Two weekends ago, there was a little scuffle when the guards at the 2000 Avenue of the Stars building said that no photos could be taken of the new Annenberg Center for Photography because of security issues. There's an update: "What the guard should have said is, "Can I help you?" Cindy Giordano, senior director of marketing at CB Richard Ellis, who helps manage the property, tells us.

According to Giordano, there are fears of terrorism, of people taking photos of the 2000 Avenue of Stars and then selling the images. "You can take photos of the property if it is not for commercial use," she says. It's not entirely clear how they'll know you're not going to sell the images, and hence, not ask you questions, so you may indeed encounter an inquisitive guard. Also, a commenter asked about the grassy area in the center of 2000 Avenue of the Stars (the whole area is called Century Park) and it turns out it is a private park for public use. More about the opening from Hey, Hot Shot: "The Annenberg Foundation announced that it will open the Annenberg Center for Photography to the public on Friday, March 27th with the exhibition L8S ANG3LES which features work from LA-based photographers John Baldessari, Catherine Opie, Greg Gorman, Douglas Kirkland, Tim Street-Porter, Julius Shulman, Lauren Greenfield, and Carolyn Cole as well as LA Times photojournalists Lawrence Ho, Genaro Molina, and Kirk McKoy."
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