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CurbedWire: Pier Pointe Goes to Lee Homes, Urban Land Institute Tackles the Stimulus*

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MARINA DEL REY: Stopping by the sales office for that 122-unit Pier Pointe condo project this weekend, we found the sales office...closed. One of the few workers on the site told us that Pier Pointe developer--and huge mega builder--Miami-based Lennar had sold the project to big SoCal builder Lee Homes, developer of downtown properties like Sky Lofts and Market Lofts. Indeed, Lee Homes is now advertising the project on its web site. What does this mean? Not clear. Lee Homes told us they couldn't comment; no one from Lennar returned calls. UPDATE: Here's some more on the Lennar-Lee Homes connection. It looks like they were initially partners on the project, but it's not clear why Lennar is out now. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: This Wednesday, the Urban Land Institute Los Angeles will study two popular topics as of late: $$$ and transportation. Via the Inbox: ”Urban Marketplace, Wednesday 7 a.m.- 1 p.m. at L.A. Convention Center, will explore how stimulus $$ will impact L.A. transportation. Phase 1 stimulus is already set to enhance “shovel-ready” projects, such as Expo Rail. But Phase 2 and perhaps even 3 are coming: They will provide L.A. the strategic opportunity to plan its way out of its transportation disasters and remake the city, post-recession. Think of the Transit-Oriented Development (TODs) that could appear around high-speed rail, for example. ULI-LA’s Executive Director Katherine Perez and others will speak very compellingly about this. (Jan Perry. CRA’s Cecilia Estellano. Brookings Fellow Christopher Leinberger, author of The Option of Urbanism: Investing in a New American Dream. William Fulton (The Reluctant Metropolis, etc.) More via their web site. [Curbed Inbox]