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Zut Alors! Montrose Frets About Proposed Americana Farmer's Market

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More local businesses are quivering, fearing the competitive wrath of developer Rick Caruso: The Glendale-News Press is reporting that Caruso has proposed holding a farmer's market, described as a “gourmet, European-style street market” every Sunday at the lawn at Americana at Brand, a move worrying the folks over at the Sunday Harvest Farmer's market in Montrose. Via the paper: "The Montrose Shopping Park Assn. and other community leaders are protesting the proposal as a direct affront to the Harvest Market, which has operated every Sunday for seven years on 2800 block of Honolulu Avenue. “This is a delicate economy right now and a place the size of Montrose just isn’t in a position to take a whole lot of hits,” said Dale Dawson, president of the shopping park association, which sponsors the market. News of the application comes as many farmers market vendors are reporting a drop-off in sales of at least 20%." For his part, Caruso believes that the Americana at Brand market, which is only in the proposal phase, will enhance the Montrose market, and not cannibalize business (and looking at the effect Americana has had on the Glendale Galleria, he might be right). Meanwhile, it looks like it's a 6.1 mile drive between the two markets. Aren't people lazy? Are they really going to be threatened by a market that's that far away? [Montrose market via Kokoleo]
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