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Old-Timey Rancho Gas Station Gets Landmark Status

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The Cucamonga Service Station off Route 66 in Rancho Cucamonga has been granted historical landmark status by the city planning commission, reports The Daily Bulletin. Currently a boarded-up building that's frequented by transients, the 1915-built station is loved by locals for its Spanish Mission-style architecture and for its status as a pitstop on Route 66, serving gas and sundries to weary travelers. According to the Bulletin, the owner isn't happy with the status (which makes demo-ing more difficult). Via the Bulletin: "The landmark status is not welcomed by the owner of the property, Lamar Advertising/[TLC Properties]. The company that owns the billboards near the property believes such a status could devalue the property but city staff members disagree." An older story in the Vineyard Press stated the advertising company kept the site as a place to put its large billboard (seen above). While the station closed back in 1971, it seems like a lot are boarding up these days. And it's arguable, which, if any, are worthy of remembering once they fill their last tank. [Image via Vineyard Press]
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