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Purple West Tower Proposed for Cedars-Sinai Campus

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Here are shiny renderings of the proposed 11-story tower for the Cedars Sinai campus. Known as the West Tower, this project, which would house 100 hospital beds, is planned for approximately two acres at the northwest corner of Gracie Allen Drive and George Burns Road, replacing a parking lot and an existing two-story building (owned by the hospital) at 8723 Alden Drive. The project, part of the master plan for Cedar Sinai, is being heard before the Planning & Land Use Committee today. Via some older city documents: "West Tower will be used for medical purposes, including inpatient services, medical suites, research, administrative and diagnostic/ER space. The Project will also include an attached seven-level parking structure (three subterranean, one at grade, and three above grade) to provide approximately 700 parking spaces." It looks like the architect on the project is global firm HOK. UPDATE: The Planning Commission approved the hospital expansion. It's likely to head to a full City Council vote in late April/early May, according to a representative for the hospital.


Traffic generation is expressed in vehicle trip ends, defined as one-way vehicular movements, either entering or exiting the generating land use. Traffic volumes expected to be generated by the Project were based upon rates per number of hospital beds. The proposed Project is expected to generate 113 net new vehicle trips (79 inbound trips and 34 outbound trips) during the A.M. peak hour. During the P.M. peak hour, the Project is expected to generate 130 net new vehicle trips (47 inbound trips and 83 outbound trips). Over a 24-hour period, the Project is forecasted to generate 1,181 net new daily trip ends during a typical weekday (approximately 592 inbound trips and 592 outbound trips).

With traffic generated from ambient growth and Related Projects taken into consideration, the proposed Project is anticipated to create significant impacts at the following two study intersections:

Int. No. 2: Robertson Blvd./Alden Dr.-Gracie Allen Dr. for A.M. and P.M. peak hours
Int. No. 6: George Burns Rd./Beverly Blvd. for P.M. peak hour

However, with implementation of mitigation measures, the impacts at the above two study intersections may be reduced to less than significant levels. It should be noted that Intersection No. 6 must be implemented with approval and cooperation from the City of West Hollywood. If the City of West Hollywood does not approve the implementation of the mitigation measures, the impacts at Intersection No. 6 would remain significant and unavoidable.
· City Planning Site [Official Site]