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San Pedro Parking Fees Increase 300%; Fury Incited

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Add San Pedro to the list: Folks there are hopping mad about an increase in parking meter fees that has made business worse for the already struggling shops and restaurants of downtown San Pedro, according to the Daily Breeze. Receipts are down 25% at the wonderfully named-Nosh Cafe, as the meters not only cost more but also require your silver until 8 or 9 pm. Angry business leaders worked up a proposal in which the meters would be moved several blocks east where there aren't so many mom-and-pop shops. Another idea calls for the Business Improvement District, which collects funds from property owners downtown, to give an "allowance" to the city to offset the meter hike. The parking meter hike was part of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's budget last year. No word on why San Pedro got the shaft.
· Anger grows over SP meters [Daily Breeze]