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Rent Check: BoHo Life on the Venice Boardwalk

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If your dream is to live boardwalk-adjacent in Venice (sun! surf! hobos! naked breasts!) then we've found your dream loft. But be prepared to pay, because rent on this one bedroom doesn't come cheap. According to the listing, the loft defines "sleek minimalism at its finest on the 2nd floor of the prestigious venice beach art lofts." The apartment features white oak foors, a limestone bathroom, and stainless steel kitchen appliances. Yet the apartment looks somewhat small, the ceilings are low, and the ten North-facing windows do little to brighten the space. The listing also tries to convince us the loft is a bargain, since included in the rent are amenities such as Internet, cable, laundry, parking, and "de-chlorinated bath water." All that healthy bath water can be yours for $3,450/month.
$3450 / 1br - Mid-Century Modern Beach Front Loft [Craigslist]