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Done and Done: Silver Lake's Auburn 7

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Not only is Auburn 7, that collection of homes at 2748 Auburn Street (right off Glendale Blvd) in Silver Lake completely finished, but all the homes are sold. Readers will recall that this development is notable because it takes advantage of the city's small lot development ordinance, a rule that allows the development of single-family homes or town houses on a single lot (the theory is that smaller, more affordable homes will result). As far as sales, developer Todd Waxman emails that: "...Six out of seven buyers elected to have solar electricity installed at an additional charge of $18,500. There is a 30% tax credit, so after tax it cost them about $13,000. Will save them approximately $2,000 a year in electric bills." As far as sales, the lowest priced home was $799,000 (1,900 square feet) and the highest sale price was $930,000 (2,850 square feet). All the homes are three bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms residences although the largest home had an extra den and bathroom. And what to think of the design? It was nifty to watch the sun hit the homes early this morning.
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