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RentChopper: Neutra Office Apartment Lowered. Again.

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Just yesterday we said this two-bedroom, two-bath lesser known Neutra in the Hollywood Hills is a bargain at $2,750/month compared to the asking rent for the upper rear apartment in the Neutra office on Glendale Blvd. Perhaps Dion Neutra is reading? The 800 square foot one-bedroom is now asking for $1,600/month (down from $1,700 in January, and $1,825 in September of last year). The listing emphasizes a preference for "single true Neutra fans" and asks potential tenants to submit a resume. It also marks that "this site is where many of the world renown projects were designed! You can be part of that history in Silver Lake! Note that because of metering, this rental amount includes $100 worth of utilities!" Start polishing off that resume, Neutra fans.
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