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Groundbreaking Imminent for WeHo Cultural Center

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A construction management team has been hired by West Hollywood to begin work in June on a new cultural center, reports the WeHo News. All part of the WeHo Park Master Plan, the center will be called LibraryPark and feature a much expanded library (old one getting demo'd), a large meeting space, an open-air court linking the library to West Hollywood Park and San Vicente Boulevard, a sidewalk cafe-style coffee bar, 2.5 acres of expanded park space and, as the city loves to proclaim, more parking!! The nearby baseball field will be dozed to make way for a new parking structure, while another one will be built nearby. Concurrently, WeHo's eastside Plummer Park is getting a subterranean parking structure. Not to be negative, but didn't Pershing Square teach us that parks and parking make strange bedfellows? [LibraryPark images via WeHo News]

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Plummer Park

7377 Santa Monica Boulevard, , CA 90046