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Watch Your Back, Platinum Triangle

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Author Michael Gross, who chronicled the bold-faced names and history of one of Park Avenue's most famous buildings in "740 Park Avenue," will next tackle Los Angeles, reports the New York Post. Booth's next book? About the Platinum Triangle, the area of Bel Air, Beverly Hills and Holmby Hills. Just so you know what you're in store for, here's the excerpt from 740 Park Avenue: "From the financial shenanigans that preceded the laying of the cornerstone, to the dazzlingly and sometimes decadently rich people who hid behind its walls, this is a sweeping social and economic epic, starring our wealthiest and most powerful old-money families-–Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Bouvier, Chrysler, Houghton and Harkness-–and today’s new-monied elite: Bronfman, Perelman, Kravis, Steinberg, Koch and Schwarzman." Platinum Triangle, it's time to start paying your help a bit more so they don't spill your secrets! [NY Post]