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CurbedWire: New Annenberg Photography Center, 8900 Nighttime Construction Pour

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LOS ANGELES: It's very difficult to photograph the new Annenberg Center for Photography. That's the side view. If you show up with a camera, the CAA guards chase you off, saying you're not allowed to photograph anything on CAA property, even though the building is actually on the site of former site of the Shubert Theater, which maybe is technically on CAA property? Who knows. What a headache Century City is. The center formally opens in a few weeks. More photos will follow next week. [Curbed Staff]

BEVERLY BLVD: Oh, get the kids up and make a night of it. Everyone to the construction pour. A warning about tomorrow night via the Inbox: "Construction Advisory: March 12, 2009. Nighttime Concrete Pour - Beverly Boulevard. Date: Thursday Night 3-12-09 to Friday Morning 3-13-09 8900 Beverly Boulevard (between LaPeer Drive and Swall Drive). This is the large construction site for a mixed use development project. Scope of Work: A large concrete pour will require temporary traffic control to close lanes. Traffic on Beverly Boulevard will be shifted to the north side of the street -- a minimum of one lane in both the eastbound and westbound directions will remain open." From 8 pm to 5 am. [Curbed InBox]