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Partying with Frank Gehry

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The tributes to architect Frank Gehry continue: The New Yorker has a piece in their latest issue (full text only available to subscribers) that puts you in the middle of the action that was Gehry's recent swinging 80th birthday party. Guests like Brad Pitt, Ariana Huffington, Donald Sutherland, Maureen Dowd, and Laurence Fishburne partied down at Geffen Contemporary, eating a Walt Disney Concert Hall-inspired cake while actress Sally Kellerman (see the addition Gehry did on her house here) sang "Happy Birthday" to Gehry (pictured here as his animated Simpsons alter ego). But back to the cake: "The huge cake [was] loosely based on Gehry’s Walt Disney Hall," according to the New Yorker. What local cake shop got that tall order? [New Yorker]