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Lincoln Heights Jail=Potential Housing

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Eastsider LA is reporting that the old Lincoln Heights jail at Avenue 19 (near the LA River), which is comprised of two different buildings, the original 1931 building and an new wing, but which hasn't been used as a jail for decades, is once again being considered for a variety of uses. Via the blog: "The city, at the request of councilmen Ed Reyes, has begun drawing up a request for proposals to find new uses for the former jail and "explore the feasibility of a mixed use project that can provide additional housing opportunities to neighborhood residents," according to a City Council motion." Housing is one option, but according to Eastsider LA, those on the Northeast LA listserve are tossing out ideas like a new community college campus or a museum. View from a Loft is also covering the story and talks to Ed Reyes: "We want to re-shift the zoning so we can continue an urban village all the way up to here," says Reyes. "If you look at the river as a long corridor . . . this is one of those pivotal points." [Eastsider LA/View from a Loft]