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Less Red Bull, More Rhubarb: The Flat Grows A Garden

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Last time there was mention of The Flat, it was in reference to a serious red cup pool party alert at the downtown apartment building. But now comes this news: SCI-arc professor and architect Alexis Rochas has introduced "SYNTHe," an urban rooftop garden prototype designed for the building, reports Inhabitat. "Besides helping to filter pollutants, increasing thermal insulation of the roof, and reducing storm water runoff, the roof top garden sets forth a complete productive cycle. Food will be grown, consumed, and ultimately returned to the cycle in the form of compost on the premises. The design features an alternating landscape of hard and soft surfaces that knit together to form a series of platforms...The prototype garden, part of the Los Angeles Community Garden Council program, is planted with fruit trees and vines, and herbs and vegetables that will be tended and used by residents and the chefs of the well-known ground floor restaurant, Blue Velvet." Let's hope a nice herb garden cheers up those teary neighbors.
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