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CurbedWire: Last Five Minutes at Rowan Auction, Annenberg Beach House Opening April

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DOWNTOWN: One of the winning bidders at yesterday's Rowan Lofts auction writes in to share his experience. His cell phone video footage shows the very end of the auction, so only the serious buyers were left). He writes: "The auction began at 2pm; things began calmly but by 5pm people were eager to leave. The problem was 2 or 3 little bidding wars between a handful of people, each increasing their bids by the minimum increment of $2,000. It got to the point where everyone booed at the last guy who submitted a bid, because submitting a bid resets the auction timer. The staff must have realized people were getting antsy, so they programmed the timer to reset at 2 minutes after each bid, instead of 5 minutes.

He continues: "I won #1105, a 1419 square foot, 2 bedroom, 2 full bathroom loft on the 11th floor with stunning city views of the financial district for $531K---that's $374/sf. I've spent several months hunting, been to plenty of short sales and REOs all around Los Angeles; and haven't been able to find anything nearly as nice for that price per square foot. In fact, I think that the Rowan's interior finishes and common hallways are even nicer than at The Roosevelt, where they're asking a million smackeroos for a comparable unit." [We're fairly certain the guys jumping up and down work work for the sales team at the Rowan] [Curbed InBox]

SANTA MONICA: A press release asking for applications for instructors for the Annenberg Community Beach House reveals that the Beach House will open to the public in late April 2009. "The City of Santa Monica is seeking highly motivated and qualified instructors interested in offering innovative recreation classes at the Annenberg Community Beach House during the period of May 2009 – June 2010." You can apply online here. [Curbed InBox]

Rowan Lofts

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